I do not belive in making a spectacle of myself. I do believe in being interesting on further inspection, but I prefer to use the street with some anonymity. Elegance derives from the Latin, eligere, to select, to choose with care, and that’s not something that one can determinate from across the street. 

I personally believe that the best looks are those which look harmonious, surprising but most accidental. If you look like you’re in fashion you look like you’re thinking too much about the wrong things and are in cahoots with the fashion industry.

“Dandies offer hope to a world in crisis” by Glenn O’Brien.


Foto, Nils Rossi 

Make-up artist, Francesca Galantino

Hair stylist, Mattia Flora

Modello, Dante Tozetto Major Model Management 

Abiti, L’Uomo Abbigliamento –  Corso Buenos Aires 90 Milano (Italy)

Gilet, Or-lando di Luca Paolorossi



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